Blue Team Functions

Network Status Display This is the page which gives the blue and white teams real-time status of the entire exercise. It includes every machine in a network-style diagram, with live updates (the screen refreshes every 10 seconds) as to the status of each one being monitored. While it primarily provides a general overview of the exercise, one can drill down on a host-by-host basis to get more detailed information about any machine in the database.
Trouble Ticket Interface This is the interface Blue Team uses to view, edit, and add trouble tickets.
Intrusion Detection System (Snorby IDS) A link to your IDS interface. Login with
Blue Team Passwords for Target Systems This link contains the initial passwords for the Administrative accounts for target systems.
Login Registrations Defender, Attacker, Teacher and Analyst Login Registrations, depending on game type and objective.
Public Status Displays Click here to see public exercise scoring summaries and system status displays.